Downloading and Refunds

Download details

During the PayPal payment process you will be asked to give a valid email address, once the payment process is complete you will receive an email with a unique username, password and a link to where you can download your zip files for Tonio (authorisation and password generation may take up to 24 hours). You will need to download the file within 48 hours from the time you made your purchase. Before you download your file you need to read and approve our license agreement.

The Tonio software file totals 750Mb in size, so the download may take several hours depending on your connection speed. Occasionally when downloading large files the process does not complete successfully, this can be for a variety of reasons but if this does happen try again to download the file, if your download aborts prematurely, clear the cache of your browser (usually in Tools) and also delete the incomplete downloaded file from your hard disk. Restart the browser and retry the download.

If you are still experiencing problems downloading other things to try are:
- downloading at a different time of day
- restarting your computer
- closing down all other applications
- using a different browser

Occasionally when you are unzipping the downloaded files you may get a message saying that the file is not in the right format, this may mean that the file has become damaged during download and you may need to download again.

If you experience problems unzipping or installing Tonio email us and we will do our best to help.

Refund policy

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds for the Tonio software.